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The War of the Roses

Tahun: Durasi: 116 MenitDilihat: 215 views
670 voting, rata-rata 6.9 dari 10

The Roses, Barbara and Oliver, live happily as a married couple. Then she starts to wonder what life would be like without Oliver, and likes what she sees. Both want to stay in the house, and so they begin a campaign to force each other to leave. In the middle of the fighting is D’Amato, the divorce lawyer. He gets to see how far both will go to get rid of the other, and boy do they go far.

Tagline:Once in a lifetime comes a motion picture that makes you feel like falling in love all over again. This is not that movie.
Anggaran:$ 26.000.000,00
Pendapatan:$ 160.188.546,00

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